Transformation Trough Eduction

Helping high school students at Namulenga Parish in the Archdiocese of Blantyre realize their own development through upgrading their education standards

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UPDATE – Progress Report – December 22, 2023

December 1, 2023

SUBSTRUCTURE Client TTE/ Diocese of Joliet Consultant Team Lift Inc. Contractor Sitbec Ltd Proposed Contract Period 80 weeks Proposed Commencement…

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The Vision

The vision for the “Transformation through Education” (TTE) Project, is to greatly enhance educational opportunities for High School students in the Namulenga region of Malawi, by creating a self-contained campus with adequate resources to provide a high quality education which is presently unavailable to young persons in that community.


The Location

Because quality Catholic secondary education is the purpose of this TTE project, the Library is being designed as the core focus of the campus’ cross-shaped circulation grid. The building will be circular, in harmony with traditional round structures throughout Africa. Unlike most school libraries in Malawi, which are only large enough for checking out books, this one will provide sufficient space for students to study and research projects. Moreover, because the Namulenga region is active seismically, the Library will be the only campus building with two stories. However, it and all other campus structures will be masonry construction, with a continuous reinforcement concrete wall beam above the opening height to resist strong earthquakes. In addition, because termites are an issue, roofs will have metal framing.



Soccer Fileds


Teacher Housing

Staff Housing

Student Housing for 112


Education & Classrooms

Education & Classrooms

Of greatest importance in the provision of good quality education is the ability to hire and develop well-qualified teachers. This remote site in Namulenga, with its lack of access to various amenities, will need to include certain appealing accommodations to attract capable faculty and staff. The availability of decent housing for these two groups will have appeal to fine applicants for positions at this High School, while allowing administrators to be more selective in hiring.

Initial students will be incorporated by class, with the first groups being freshmen and sophomores (Form 1 and Form 2). The following year, these same students will advance to sophomore and junior grades (Form 2 and Form 3), while another new class of freshmen (Form 1), will be admitted.

Classrooms are to be laid out in pairs in individual blocks, connected by covered pavilions that can double as outdoor instructional spaces. The covered walkways are meant to provide shelter from the sun and protection from torrential seasonal rains. The modular construction design will enable the campus to be expanded as the student body continues to grow. Once the initial structures have been constructed and furnished for the first two cohorts of students and for their teachers, the secondary school program can finally commence.

Besides the typical curriculum, this facility will also provide appealing and practical opportunities to learn other skills and trades. As a valued way to advance beyond traditional farming methods and skills, teaching/learning facilities will be established for computer science, sewing metal work and carpentry. The opportunity to master ‘real life skills” will provide greater incentives to remain enrolled in school. Because the campus is laid out as a pedestrian oasis, the technical buildings will be located along the sides of the campus that will provide adequate access to the nearby roadway.

Administration Offices & Multipurpose Assembly Hall
Student Dormitory
Sustainability & Utilites

About / Origins


“Transformation Through Education” (TTE), was born out of the need to create opportunities where there were none, and to bring hope, growth, and empowerment to those living in a disadvantaged location.  The extremely dire situation facing the youth in the Namulenga district, which falls within the purview of the Archdiocese of Blantyre, Malawi, cannot be over emphasized. Amid adversity, where resources are scarce and opportunities seem limited and, in most cases, non-existent, TTE is embarking on a mission to create positive change.

Through the visionary leadership of Archbishop Thomas Msusa, the Archbishop of Blantyre and Bishop Emeritus Richard Pates, a core group of seasoned professionals within the Catholic Church, namely, Brother James Gaffney FSC-President Emeritus of Lewis University, Christopher Nye, Peter Mark, Fr. Francis K. Tambala, and Eric Koranteng were invited to assist in bringing this vision into reality. Together these passionate and motivated leaders formed “Transformation Through Education” (TTE).

Learn About Malawi

Malawi is a small, landlocked, southeastern African country. It is ranked among the least developed and most impoverished countries on the globe. Extreme poverty afflicts more than half of its estimated 19 million population who survive on less than two dollars a day. Poverty related challenges such as early marriage, migration of youth to South Africa, and HIV and AIDS remain prevalent and rampant.


Our Needs 



Social Justice


Meet Our Board of Directors

Thomas Luke Msusa
Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa heads the Archdiocese of Blantyre, Malawi, Africa. He is committed to development of a robust education system that meets the needs and challenges of the students across the Diocese.
Bishop Richard
Edmund Pates
Fr Tambala
Fr. Francis
Kamia Tambala
Fr. Francis Kamia Tambala serves as secretary to the Archbishop of Blantyre and as director of the social directorate of the Archdiocese of Blantyre and previously served as an investment and projects manager for the Archdiocese of Blantyre.
Br. James Gaffney, F.S.C.
Eric Koranteng
Peter Mark - photo
Mr. Peter Mark
Peter's background is in finance, and he currently leads the practice at Foresight Sports in San Diego. He graduated from Notre Dame in 2018, studying Economics & Mandarin, and St. Thomas Academy in 2014. He is a parishioner of St. Joseph Cathedral in San Diego. Incidentally and worthy of note is the fact that Peter was baptized by Bishop Richard E. Pates when Bishop Pates was then a Pastor. Bishop Pates is currently the co-chair of TTE. In his free time, Peter coaches and plays ice hockey and loves getting out on the golf course.
Buleya Passport photo 2023 Dec
Rev. Fr. Dr. George Buleya S.T.D. (Alphonsiana/Lateran-Rome), S.T.L./M.A. (Alphonsiana/Lateran-Rome)